Witness & Survivor Profiles

Witness Testimony Word Clouds: Life After the Holocaust

A word cloud provides a graphic representation of verbal content. In these word clouds, the size of a word’s font corresponds to how frequently that word. The larger a word’s font, the more frequently the word is used. The smaller the font, the rarer the word is used. Each of the following items provides a link to a word cloud based on an interview with a Holocaust survivor/witness. The word clouds are based solely on the narratives of the witnesses; comments or questions by the interviewer are not included. Details about the dates, topics, and people interviewed are included in the links below. All of the word clouds were generated from people who experienced various aspects of the Holocaust and eventually settled in North Carolina. All participants were asked to discuss the course of their lives after the Holocaust up to the present time.

Morris Glass (PDF, 507kb)
Morris survived the Polish ghettoes at Pabianice and Lodz, then survived several concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau.
Renée Fink (PDF, 407kb)
Renee’s Jewish roots remained hidden while she lived with a Catholic family in Holland during Nazi occupation.

Character Profile: Paul Gould

Paul was imprisoned in (and escaped from) a forced labor camp and served in the French Foreign Legion.

Character profile video (7:00)