Featured & Sample Projects

Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Project

The Advanced Nursing Education Workforce Project is a portal providing access to online resources and 17 unique, free continuing education modules designed for nurses and advanced practice nurses on topics such as mental health, older adult health, preceptor development, chronic health conditions, and pain management.

The Anne Finch Digital Archive

The Anne Finch Digital Archive is an open-access resource that complements the two-volume print edition from Cambridge University Press: The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea, edited by Jennifer Keith (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) and Claudia Thomas Kairoff (Wake Forest University).

The Archive features detailed information about selected poems by Finch, allowing users to explore print and manuscript witnesses, oral readings of the poems, and more.

North Carolina Holocaust Education, Research, and Outreach

NC HERO: North Carolina Holocaust Education, Research, and Outreach is a collaboration between the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. We seek to provide a resource for everyone interesting in teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

Oaks of the Southeast United States

Dr. Kirchoff's M.S. student, Rebecca Dellinger-Johnson, developed an online, visual identification guide to the Oaks of the Southeastern United States. The first online visual guide of its kind anywhere in the world, her work won The Graduate School's 2015 Award for Innovative Use of Technology in a Thesis/Master's Production or Dissertation, and the USDA has offered to feature the key on its website.

The University Libraries gave the key a permanent home at UNCG and provided functionality and design updates to the tool. Dr. Kirchoff and the University Libraries will also provide for the continued improvement of the key while giving it the maximum possible exposure on plants.usda.org.

Paleoanthropology Map

As currently structured, the rapidly accumulating datasets being produced are difficult to manage in a synthetic way, particularly in a field like paleoanthropology that is built on multi-disciplinary work. What is currently lacking in paleoanthropology is an easily accessible medium where vast amounts of information can be updated, visually interpreted, and, most importantly, conceptualized in a spatial context.

The University Libraries have created a web-based mapping application based upon their existing mapping framework, creating a valuable tool not only for scholars in their attempts to link human cultural adaptations with changing environments over time, but also for students studying broad trends in human evolution.

People Not Property

The People Not Property - Slave Deeds of North Carolina project is a collaborative endeavor between the UNCG University Libraries, North Carolina Division of Archives and Records, and North Carolina Registers of Deeds among others. Working as an addition to and evolution of the Digital Library on American Slavery, the project is leading towards a unique, centralized database of bills of sales indexing the names of enslaved people from across North Carolina.

PRIDE! Of the Community

PRIDE! of the Community is an ongoing project documenting LGBTQ+ social life, history, activism, organizations, and businesses in the Triad. This is the first large-scale initiative to document the LGBTQ+ history of the Triad region of North Carolina.

Race and Slavery Petitions Project

The Race and Slavery Petitions Project offers data on race and slavery extracted from eighteenth and nineteenth-century documents and processed over a period of eighteen years. The Project contains detailed information on about 150,000 individuals, including slaves, free people of color, and whites.

One of the unique aspects of the Project is the information on individual slaves that are made available along with additional data on their owners stretching over time. Buried in these documents are the names and other data on roughly 80,000 individual slaves, 8,000 free people of color, and 62,000 whites, both slave owners and non-slave owners.

Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement is collecting visual histories of the many people who stood beside Civil Rights leaders from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. While the names of these "unsung heroes" are less familiar, their stories and recollections represent the pervasive courage and strength of the thousands of people who struggled for equality. Their stories will add to the rich history of the struggle for social justice and this struggle's impact on the nation and the world.

With voices from traditional battlegrounds in the South, to those of Movement activists on the West Coast, in the Midwest, and throughout the Northeast, this project offers one of the most comprehensive movement archives to date. The Unsung Heroes Project is planned as a national project that will span six decades of history: from 1960 to 1980 in its initial phase, and from 1980 to the present in its second phase.

Well Crafted NC

Well Crafted NC collects and promotes the history of breweries in North Carolina from the saloons of the 1890s to the craft breweries of today. We conduct oral history interviews with many of the key players in the NC brewing scene, digitizing materials related to local brewing history, and creating timelines and maps to help trace the changes in the brewing industry across the state.

This project is a celebration of brewing history in North Carolina, bringing people into the area to celebrate history and beer and encouraging them to drop by their local breweries during their visit.