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Personal Digital Archiving 101
This workshop will introduce attendees to digital archives and preservation, and provide tips and guidance on ensuring long-term preservation of digital photographs, digital audio and video, email, social media, and other records created or maintained in a digital format.
Presenter: Erin Lawrimore, University Archivist
Research Management Best Practices
Research management is the process of effectively managing your data (of all kinds) before, during, and after a project. This ensures that your research is secure, promotes the reuse of your data by other researchers, and assures compliance with federal guidelines. No matter what kind of research you do, effective management of your research and data are key to your success. Come to this workshop to learn the best practices of research management. We will discuss why it matters and share ideas. This presentation will take a holistic approach to "data" to include all forms of research input. All types of researchers are welcome! No experience necessary! Space is limited to 25 participants.
Presenters: Lynda Kellam, Social Sciences Data Librarian, & Anna Craft, Coordinator of Metadata Services, University Libraries

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