1. All of the following are well established depression screening tools with researched validity and reliability for the diagnosis of depression EXCEPT
2. To assist in assessing an older adult for the manifestations of anxiety, which of the following tools would be most helpful?
3. Which of the following individuals would score the highest on the suicide rating scale?
4. Which of the following screening tools are independent variables in determining risk for delirium in older adults?
5. In using screening tools, the provider is aware that results may be influenced by?
6. Which of the following scores would be indicative of the need for further evaluation and treatment on the Hamilton Rating Scale for depression?
7. One strength of the MoCA is that makes it a better choice is? (Pick the BEST answer)
8. Which of the following scores on the MMSE increases the likelihood of dementia?
9. The AUDIT-C is used for screening for?
10. A general screening tool for all forms of substance abuse is?