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Event San Diego CA
Date 05/01/2010
To Barack Obama
From Bertha Gutierrez
Transcript Dear President Obama,
I want you to know me and my family are victims of your false promises. My father came during the bracero program in 1942. He brought my brother, who at the time was 4 years old. At that time, when you came under the bracero program, your family recognized as American citizens. 66 years later, America deported my brother. He's 70 yeards old and has never lived in Mexico before. His wife lives here, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. All his brothers and sisters live here. You deported my borther into a war zone of cartels. He is living in fear and shock, alone without his family, and daily he hears gunshots, daily he funds bullet shells outside his door with no support for his family.